Core Sample: Additional Findings Gallery


                                                             Vase by Brother Thomas


                                           Teapot by John Gill


Threshold by Juan Miguel Santiago

Today I attended a gallery called Core Sample: Additional Findings at the Alfred University Ceramic art Museum that is open from April 1st until July 16, 2017. The exhibition mainly showcased ceramics, but also included paintings and artifacts made mostly of clay. The samples of artworks were held in this gallery to represent what the museum itself stands for. The works in this exhibition were created by various artists in different places and time periods in the world. The intentions of the artists who created each piece in the gallery varies from artist to artist and from time period to time period. I t is interesting to know that what was trying to be conveyed many years ago could no longer be a thought that are in the heads of humans now or that maybe those thoughts are still being conveyed in certain artworks. Most of the art pieces in the gallery are pitchers, plates,vases and  different types of pots. I believe this was the artists way of expressing that everyday utensils are more than just there to be used, they are also a form of art.

All of the works in the gallery were effective in their own way. They are all very unique. There were three pieces that really stood out to me. Vase by Brother Thomas is unlike any vase that I have ever seen before. It is very wide and flat with such an insufficient hole at the top that maybe only one flower would be able to fit in. This piece is minimalist because the design is very simple and so are the colors. Even so, it has enough of a presence because of its design to make the observer question its use and why it even exists. This makes the piece very interesting. Teapot by John Gill is a very colorful piece and it reminded me of the pop art movement. Even thought there are a lot of colors, they kind of work together in harmony on this piece. The piece itself seems to represent a tea kettle, yet some of the parts of the kettle are strangely larger than the others unlike the kettles that we are used to. The artist is most likely trying to challenge what the audience believes is normal in their day to day life.  The last piece is titled Threshold by Juan Miguel Santiago. The framing of the piece is white and this creates great contrast between the frame and the actual piece. The textures are very bumpy and in a way, they give a bit of a gruesome feeling to the while piece. the unity of all of the squares and the size of the piece itself, personally made me feel as if I was small and insignificant. This piece is also minimalist because there is only one color being used and one actual texture.


About nadiaparfait1

I am currently attending Alfred State college. My major is Digital Media and Animation. I create art that expresses my emotions and experiences, incorporated with the knowledge that I obtain from school.
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