Gallery Write up

blossoms by Danielle Furia

Blossoms by Danielle Furia

This sculpture is figurative. This is because each circle comes together to create what is known to the audience as flowers.

crosshatch by danielle Furia

Crosshatch by Danielle Furia

This sculpture contains point, line and plane. Each point comes together to create a line that is later over lapped by another line. Although these lines create separate planes, they all work together and create harmony within one piece.

A world where there are no problems by Kara Pierce

A World Where There Are No Problems by Kara Pierce

This sculpture has rhythm and balance throughout it. The repetition of each color creates balance and unity. The varying height of the flower creates the rhythm. This makes it seem as if the flowers are dancing on the wall.

Airborne by Danielle Furia

Airborne by Danielle Furia

This art piece contains volume in it. The closeness of the circles and the fact that it overlaps creates volume. This makes it seem as if there are many things within a small area and creates depth.

Guo Cheng

Guo Cheng (Untitled)

This art piece contains scale change all throughout it . The circles and the squares/ rectangles all vary in size.

Residue by Sarah Ambrose

Residue by Sarah Ambrose

This sculpture contains modular design. Each letter comes together to create bundles of words. These words come together to create disassembled sentences that are giving the viewers a message.

Mist by Danielle Furia

Mist by Danielle Furia

This piece contains a minimum amount of space. The piece as a whole takes up space on the wall, but within the piece, there is not much space. This allows the audience to focus on the art piece as a whole without distractions.

Outbreak by Danielle Furia

Outbreak by Danielle Furia

This piece contains movement. The shapes within the certain are compact and close together. As you look further away from the center, the shapes move further and further away from each other. This alone creates movement.

The Playground by Kendra Newell

The Playground by Kendra Newell

This sculpture contains many colors. This piece represents a playground, therefore, the colors are bright and playful. It makes the audience happy and reminds them of a time when they once were on the playground as kids.

The consumers penitence by caroline Zimmerli

The Consumers Penitence by Caroline Zimmerli

This artwork contains a specific texture. This texture is conveyed by the ridges on the piece. The texture allows the audience to be able to feel the piece without actually touching it.


In Progress by Tzivyiah

This piece has repetition of the same pattern. The repetition of the pattern creates unity. The way the pattern travels in mostly a line makes the audiences eyes travel throughout the piece. Also, the patterns the the corner helps to create symmetry in a way and borders the piece.

Uncle Svends Duck

Uncle Svends Duck (Artist Unknown)

This sculpture contains paint, and paper that has water printed on it, which are forms of mixed media. This mixed media informs the audience that the sculpture is a duck and that it is in water. When the audience is able to determine what each thing in a piece of art is, it allows them to have a better understanding and even interpret what the piece means.

Disfigured Esteem by Caroline Zimmerli

Disfigured Esteem by Caroline Zimmerli

I believe that there is a strong concept behind this sculpture. I believe the sculpture itself represents what goes on in the mind of someone who has low self esteem. The sculpture contains mostly dark colors because the thoughts are unhappy. Also, the sculpture coils around itself because the thoughts are jumbled up and makes the person anxious.

Memento of Marius by Caroline Zimmerli

Memento of Marius by Caroline Zimmerli

This sculpture contains time and motion. The shape and size of certain pieces of the sculpture conveys motion. The work looks as if it has grown that length, conveying that time has passed. Also, the rusty brown color and the holes make it seem as if the piece decayed over time.




About nadiaparfait1

I am currently attending Alfred State college. My major is Digital Media and Animation. I create art that expresses my emotions and experiences, incorporated with the knowledge that I obtain from school.
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