Birth in the Dawn

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               I based my comic on the Hawaiian creation story. The story mainly describes how the animals and humans were created from the contact of two other things. For example, the darkness of the sea and the moonlight “gave birth” to the fish of the sea. So, staying true to the story, I added every part of the story into the comic and included the Hawaiian culture as well. I used lines to create shapes that represent things such as seaweed and coral. Bright colors were used to give a euphoric feel to the comic. I also used texture to help determine what things are. For example, the coral has a smooth, yet bumpy texture in certain parts.

              To aid me in my journey of creating a comic that is effective to the viewers, I read the book Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. In my comic, the spaces between the panels are very small. This is because it tells the audience that all of these panels take place one directly after the other. This is also known as “Moment to Moment” and “Scene to Scene.” This means that in each panel, not only does what is happening change, but the scenes change as well. The Tiki masks are my Icons and they represent the Hawaiian culture. The panels are also big because this means that what is taking place in the comic is taking a long time to happen. This is relevant to the comic because whether or not the creation story is true, the creation of a place in general would take a long time to make. The waviness of the seaweed and the spread out wings of the bird helps to convey movement within the comic. The elements and principles of design,  as well as what I learned from Understanding Comics, were used to create my Hawaiian creation story.


About nadiaparfait1

I am currently attending Alfred State college. My major is Digital Media and Animation. I create art that expresses my emotions and experiences, incorporated with the knowledge that I obtain from school.
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