Robot suit: F-28

This robot is named F-28 and its human name is Bejon. It was created by a woman named Terra who is the daughter of a scientist name Benji. F-28 was created to fight all of the crime in the world. The wings on the side of F-28 helps it fly and the flower located on its back wraps around the robot to protect it. The two balls at the top of its head helps detect when there is danger and it also shoots lasers and darts. The head is unnaturally large because F-28 is actually a robot suit and not a robot that can function on its own. The creator, Terra, can sit in F-28s head and control the body and its functions.

I used separate pieces of origami paper to create this modular robot. Since this piece is three dimensional, it contains mass and takes up space. I folded origami paper into various shapes and sizes to create the body parts on the robot. The difference between the light and dark colored pieces create contrast within my robot. For most of the robot, the texture is smooth, but within the wings, flower and balls on the top of the head, the texture varies. Most of the pieces on the robot are the same size, but there is scale change within the head, and the wings.


About nadiaparfait1

I am currently attending Alfred State college. My major is Digital Media and Animation. I create art that expresses my emotions and experiences, incorporated with the knowledge that I obtain from school.
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