Cohen Gallery write up

rising smoke 2-Hollis Hammonds -charcoal sara parent ramos - cloth, string, paper, stoneware,glaze,plastic, paint

On October 23, 2015, I attended the Cohen Gallery in 55 North Main street in Alfred, New York. This gallery consisted of sculptures, Charcoal drawings and paintings. In the gallery, there are art works from three different artists. The artists are Sara Parent-Ramos, Hollis Hammonds and Lauren Gallaspy. The first piece above is titled “Rising Smoke 2” and is created by Hollis Hammonds. The second art piece above is titled “Turbidity: Twitter and Tumbler” and is created by Sara Parent-Ramos. I found these two artworks very interesting for many reasons.

Hammonds only used charcoal in this art piece. He used different hues and curved lines that really help to show the audience that there is smoke within the artwork. The difference in line weight help to differentiate what is in the back, middle and foreground of this piece. I find it interesting that the piece was made in a very clean circle with  smoke in various spots that seem as if it is trying very hard to escape the circle. It is almost as if the circle is containing the destruction and stopping it from spreading.

Parent-Ramos used cloth, string, paper, stoneware, glaze, plastic and paint in her art piece. There is a repetition of the colors yellow, pink, blue and black within this form. She also used straight and squiggly line of material to give her work life. There is so much happening in this work, and the fact that it is three dimensional really helps the audience interact with the piece. I find it interesting that most of the black is at the bottom of the piece. This is because it gives off a feeling of heaviness, but also allows the colors to really stand out because of the high contrast. The dripping of the black paint at the bottom also forms lines that really bring the audiences eyes off the end of the art piece.

After going to the Cohen gallery and observing these works, as well as many others, I  learned things that I can use in my own art work. Vibrant colors really help to grab the audience. Also, different types of lines give emotion and character to an individuals art work. The difference in line weight helps convey messages to the audience and helps them understand what is happening in the piece. Most importantly, I learned that it is important to really explore all types of art tools because there is more than one way to express yourself and to communicate to your audience.


About nadiaparfait1

I am currently attending Alfred State college. My major is Digital Media and Animation. I create art that expresses my emotions and experiences, incorporated with the knowledge that I obtain from school.
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