Lotte Reiniger

     Stop Motion Artists: Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger is the stop motion artist that I decided to do my research on. Lotte was born on June. 2, 1899 in Charlottenburg, Germany. She is a pioneer and is widely known for her silhouette motion art works. The four works from Lotte that I watched was Cinderella (Aschenputtel – 1922), Thumbelina (Däumelinchen- 1954), Papageno (1935) and Hansel and Gretel (1955).All of these works contain very detailed silhouettes of things found in nature as well as her characters and their clothing. This is shown in Thumbelina where there are many detailed flowers and even the wings on the fairies are detailed. Also, the details in Cinderella’s dress once she transformed is very defined. 

Lotte used paper cut outs and took pictures of them, sometimes on painted background. In some of her works, such as Thumbelina and Hansel and Gretel, she included painted backgrounds. Lotte first drew character designs and then sketched out the story on storyboards. Also, she made the characters full body with detached limbs so that there would be fluent motion when the character moved. Lotte would then move different limbs on her characters, take a picture, and then constantly repeat the process to create her stop motion art works.

This is different from most animation works because she did not use the rotoscope and it was not made using a computer or drawn on cells. Lotte also did not mix live action with animation. Lotte also added small differences in certain works to keep her audiences entertained. This is shown in Cinderella where there were words so that the audience can tell what is happening in the story. Also, this is shown in Hansel and Gretel where there was actually a person narrating the story and some of the characters had voices. Since Lottes artworks consist mainly of silhouettes, they do not contain most of the principles of animation, if any at all. Lotte was a pioneer of her time.


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I am currently attending Alfred State college. My major is Digital Media and Animation. I create art that expresses my emotions and experiences, incorporated with the knowledge that I obtain from school.
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