Emotion Abstraction

Emotion Abstraction

In my abstract piece, I attempted to convey my emotions that I felt during my past couple of weeks at Alfred State. I believe that I was successful in achieving this communication. The movement in the shapes help to convey this and their colors convey my emotions. The blue represented myself because that is my favorite color. The yellow and Magenta convey happiness and anger. The pink conveys romance. Lastly, the purple conveys friendship. The shapes that circled the Blue square gave a more friendly approach. On the other hand, the Magenta circles pushing the Blue square off the screen shows signs of conflict.

I did my research on Hans Richter and Norman Mclaren. Hans Richter was born on April.6, 1888 in Berlin, Germany. “Rhythmus 21”(1921) is Hans famous artwork that I received inspiration from. In that piece, shapes, specifically squares, varied in size and moved off the edges of the screen. I decided to use a square as the main subject and to have various shapes move along and outside the edges of the screen. For example, when the Purple triangles come from the corners of the frame and dance around the Blue square. On the other hand, Norman Mclaren was born on April.11, 1914 in Stirling, United Kingdom. “Doodle Boogie”(1914) is the artwork from Norman that I got inspiration from. In this piece, the shapes greatly interacted with each other and there was emotion conveyed within each movement. I decided to have my shapes also express movement and to interact with each other. For example, this is shown when the magenta circles come in the frame and push the Blue square out. I had the strongest motion throughout my entire art piece. Every shape moved in and out of the frame fluently.


About nadiaparfait1

I am currently attending Alfred State college. My major is Digital Media and Animation. I create art that expresses my emotions and experiences, incorporated with the knowledge that I obtain from school.
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